[Portleg] Digital Empire Port 1.0

    Think about this one levelpack that was ported but not released but now it got released! Well today i'm ported another levelpack, and for others it be known or charming levelpack or having the fun experience, for either levels or soundtracks, and it was created by KartKrew team member that...
  2. tails13exe

    Mystic Realm: Second Quest Restoration

    FYI: This is an unofficial add-on mod that has nothing to do with the original creators of Mystic Realm! Second Quest Restoration is an srb2 mod that puts back the Second Quest mode that was removed since the Mystic Realm update for srb2 2.1 era. But, there are changes that is made to make it...

    Heroes Adventure Port 1.0.1

    Yep, this is my first ported levelpack, which is kinda not known for others, and mostly this was an 2.0 levelpack. While this levelpack don't seem so interesting, but i'm kinda want to speak about history about it. This levelpack was originally released on Skybase (which is now abandoned in...
  4. Galx

    Hangout Coast (Beta Version)

    You know those weird beach hangout maps with coasts and like them? Are you tired of seeing overused Hangout Packs like Jupirnier's? Do you want something fresh and new? BASED ON OTHER MAPS? Well, if that's your complains, say hi to Hangout Coast! This map aims to be your best guess searching...
  5. ThatDamnCatgirl

    SUGOI Gaiden: The Unofficial Side Story: The Thread

    You read the title right. I'm planning something to continue the SUGOI series of mods. But like the spirits of previous entries of SUGOI. YOU (yes. you, behind the screen.) will have to submit levels where then they'll be judged (positions for judges are in fact open~!) And before you run off...
  6. Sirexer

    [Re-Usable] The Emerald Isle 3.1.1

    The Emerald Isle This levelpack by Kuja contains 10 zones (2 zones, 4 "red zones" and 4 "blue zones"), also has secret levels. tei_altlevels - With this command, you can toggle the choice between "blue zones" and "red zones" after you defeat the boss. That port on MB was not full-fledged and...
  7. Soniku11


  8. Sirexer

    [Re-Usable] Ringslinger Plus 1.1

    Ringslinger Plus Mod for Ringslinger modes, adds many features and gametypes. Gametypes and instagib Instagib In this mode, players get an endless railring and the player instantly dies when taking damage. Instagib has railboost and instashield. Instagib admin commands: rsp_instagib_mode -...
  9. DoMikoto

    [Portleg] XSRB2 Portleg v1.2

    This levelpack featuring 3 zones and 2 bosses: Daybreak Dash Zone: Sandy Shrine Zone: Factory Farce Zone: Knows Issues: Floor Offsets Wall Offsets Credits: K.S. - Original Author Sapheros - Knuckles Chaotix's Scale Monitors Goldenhog - Combine Monitor (From ESP) Reused Content...
  10. DoMikoto

    [Re-Usable] Minecart Racing v1.1

    Minecart Racing Minecart Racing - Custom Gametype that's allow playing on minecarts. It's Playing like SRB2 Kart, but more easily. There is no drift, and there is auto-accelerate. Also you can jump! For Item-Use, you need press Spin Button! Items: Speed Shoes Speed Shoes Just Speed up you Spike...
  11. DoMikoto

    Polarity Shield v1

    Polarity Shield - Shield that's adding a new features for mapping! It's adding new actions with platforms, enemies, traps and etc. GIFs: Map Things: 1337 - Polarity Monitor 1338 - Polarity Monitor (Gold) 1339 - Blue Turret 1340 - Red Turret 1341 - Blue Lance-A-Bot 1342 - Red Lance-A-Bot Custom...
  12. Sirexer

    [Re-Usable] Blast Mania 0.3.0

    Blast Mania with new levels already on SRB2Workshop New levels have 5 emblems on maps and emblems on speed and rings Warning: There are no old levels here, except for two legacies (Quiet South Island Zone (Act 1, Act 2). Maybe I'll add them until I redo them. You can download old levels here...
  13. Haida

    File name question

    What should be the name for a map file ? because L already stand for something (that is lua)
  14. Mikhael Blur

    Destructive Illusion (RE-UPLOAD) 1.3

    !!!WARNING!!! THIS IS FULLY CUSTOM BUILD! THEREFORE YOU CANNOT PLAY THIS MAP PACK WITH CURRENT ADDONS! I RECOMMEND TO PLAY EXCLUSIVELY TO GET TO KNOW THIS MAP PACK! This is just RE-UPLOAD of "Destructive Illusion" map pack and custom build of SRB2 2.2.4 by ManimiFire (maybe someone else...
  15. Sirexer

    [Re-Usable] S-19 Space Station 1.4

    ?Welcome to S-19 Space Station? In this station, you can have fun with your friends! This map is great for 24/7 servers and Hangout servers. Rooms There are 6 apartments and each has a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom. You can lock apartment with button nearby the door. Entertainment...
  16. PMR

    [Re-Usable] Major And Minor (M&M) Tweaks v1.5

    This tweak mod is very straight-to-the-point with everything, so I won't ramble on too long. So I've always thought SRB2 kinda cuts a few corners, like only having a subtitle in Dream Hill Zone and nowhere else, Red Volcano Zone having only one act yet still displays the act number (yes, I know...
  17. romabloxovich0

    [Re-Usable] Pre-2.0 Egg Rock Act 1! 1.0

    Yoo the pre-2.0 version of Egg Rock on Workshop!!!! Here are the screenshots:
  18. TheChiefOfSonic

    [CANCELLED] Another Green Hill Map 1.5.1

    THIS MOD WILL NO LONGER RECEIVE UPDATES. MORE INFO ON MY PROFILE. Explore Green Hill once again ! The other levels are still in WIP, and act 1 will be remade once i have more experience with Zone Builder. SCREENSHOTS Fang getting eaten by the house's dogs Amy chillin' Metal...
  19. DoMikoto

    [Re-Usable] SRB2.EXE: Round 1 (Hide & Seek) v2

    This mod belongs to Sonic1983. So, I posted it for people to try out here. I have previously made a video about the mod on my channel. (You can watch if you want) The essence of the plot: Sonic got into a nightmare, he needs to find the chaos emerald and escape from the monster and defeat him...
  20. CG64

    [Re-Usable] [CTF] Isolated Canyon for 2.2 1.0

    Hello again! Isolated Canyon, an old CTF map from 1.09.4, is back! But with some changes... I changed the wall textures and put all the weapons so players can play this map without needing to use old weapons mod. Well, I hope you like it. Screenshots: