Hangout Coast (Beta Version)



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You know those weird beach hangout maps with coasts and like them?
Are you tired of seeing overused Hangout Packs like Jupirnier's?
Do you want something fresh and new? BASED ON OTHER MAPS?

Well, if that's your complains, say hi to

Hangout Coast!
This map aims to be your best guess searching for weird unknown maps that feel nice and nostalgic while being from a 2.2.4 newbie.
This map isssssss....... let's say... simplistic but
great to your mini-tails eyeballs, with wholesome games and small peakings for those who dig in...

What does this map have?
Minigames and a speedway, Some secrets, free emeralds, a planned hotel to be done (you see that white building?) and some things that you can find, hehe :)
Do I have a real Beta Build for Hangout Coast?
Well, if it's file format is "S_Hangout-Coast_x.x(-patch/preview).pk3", then your file is most probably a beta snapshot release made by me for the server it was in. If it's chairs are not bugged in OpenGL, then you are wearing clown clothes with a fake Hangout Coast Build. This may be fixed on a Full Release Patch, and this text may be later outdated, and replaced/edited with a new one!
What is the status of the project right now?
Status: Public In-dev
Public Beta Release 1.0:
Status of the Map: 4/6, not too complete, not too incomplete, maybe more complete than usual!
Current Beta: Public Beta 1.0
If you want a beta snapshot release before full Public Betas or even HC 1.0, join the "TuPanaElTails Libera Channel" at #TuPanaElTailsChannel in, Libera.Chat Network.
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You want some screenshots, right?
Here they are:
Srb2win 2024 04 05 12 05 14

Which food will you bring to the speedway?​
Srb2win 2024 04 05 12 05 50

Srb2win 2024 04 05 12 13 51

Free Emeralds!

Something has opened loose...
Srb2win 2024 04 05 12 14 35
What a wonderful day at the beach!
Srb2win 2024 04 05 12 14 05

You broke it! DAMN, fix it again.
Can you connect them all? :lenny:​
Checklog 1
Hangout Coast Public Beta Released!
Go get Hangout Coast Public Beta v1.0 on the main thread!
Initial Release coming soon! Stay tuned in the Libera Channel :D
After some thinking, I have come to the idea of making Hangout Coast into a special Coast pack, called the Island Trio