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Heroes Adventure Port 1.0.1

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Yep, this is my first ported levelpack, which is kinda not known for others, and mostly this was an 2.0 levelpack.

While this levelpack don't seem so interesting, but i'm kinda want to speak about history about it.
This levelpack was originally released on Skybase (which is now abandoned in some parts, and it turned into museum for historical addons), and then it was uploaded into MB, the last version of it was Semi-V4 which is the base of this port, and since then levelpack was canceled.

Level Designers:

CyanS (aka CyanSonic)
Bug Fixing:
LJ Sonik
Music and Sprites:

Usage of other addon to replicate original running sprites:

Modern Style Run by TheDarkEdgyHope - Original Link

Original Links of this levelpack:
Skybase version
MB version

And i'm thank to original people making this levelpack (and i'm know that some of them are inactive), for others enjoy this unofficial piece of ported levelpack.
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This is a really inventive, beautifully constructed, gloriously lengthy level pack that I really truly appreciate