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  1. Insults and trolling are prohibited. Don't instigate or try to provoke negative behavior. We are well aware that the boundaries of these concepts are blurred and it is impossible to 100% determine which word, phrase, image or gesture will cause negative experiences in a person, but you should try to avoid such situations.
  2. Politics, religion is not discussed here. This fan game community is not for that kind of discussion.
  3. No ads without admin permission. Advertising allowed in captions.
  4. Keep comments and criticism constructive. Constructive criticism is about cheering someone up and encouraging their creativity, not putting them down because of the content.
  5. Posting sexually explicit content is prohibited. Also, any discussions associated with sexual topics (discussion of preferences, promotion of sexual preferences, etc.) are prohibited. The distribution of LGBT* (Organization banned in Russia) and MAP symbols is also prohibited (recall again that we need to comply with Russian laws, otherwise the site may be closed).
  6. *Recognised as an extremist organisation and banned in the Russian Federation

  7. It is forbidden to insult former members of the community. A ban is not a reason to insult people, to behave toxicly. This rule works regardless of what the person was banned for."
  8. Publications on the forum should not violate the laws of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

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