SUGOI Gaiden: The Unofficial Side Story: The Thread



You read the title right. I'm planning something to continue the SUGOI series of mods.

But like the spirits of previous entries of SUGOI. YOU (yes. you, behind the screen.) will have to submit levels where then they'll be judged (positions for judges are in fact open~!)
  1. To qualify for submission, you must be a member of the SRB2 Workshop Discord server, and you must have a valid (not banned) SRB2WS account. (Use a fake name if you are an undercover MB member that doesn't want to be associated with the WS. We know you're hiding out there and you know who you are. :^3)
  2. Make sure that the level works properly, that it is normally accessible, and that it does not interfere with other levels. This means that:
    • Your level must have been created for the current major version of SRB2. If the current version is V2.2.X, then levels for V2.1.X and earlier will not be accepted. Sorry Final Demo enthusiasts. :(
    • Your levels MUST be able to be cleared using all 6 of the default characters as a bare minimum. We recommend you use MAP01 so that your level is easily accessible, but be prepared to move your map to a different slot later if accepted.
    • Existing resources (textures, objects, sounds, music, etc.) can not be overwritten.
    • Any scripts present in your level must not interfere with other levels. If your level contains significant gameplay changes, please ensure that they are contained solely within your level slot using a MapLoad hook. Click here for a helpful resource on how to use MapLoad.
    • Your levels must not cause crashes under any circumstances. Ensure your level is stable and looks about right in both software and OpenGL render modes.
    • You must hide at least 1 (one) Special Stage token in your level and reward the player with an Emblem for clearing the level. Extra Emblems in your level are optional however.
  3. Previously released levels are not allowed. Private testing is allowed (and highly encouraged within the Discord DMs system), but the level must not have been released on the SRB2WS or other public spaces.
  4. Ports and edits of existing levels are not allowed. However, you may submit remade versions of older levels you made, though they must be sufficiently different from your original work.
  5. You may submit multiple levels, but please focus your effort on a small handful of total levels. You'll be able to make much better levels if you don't spread yourself too thin!
  6. Custom assets and scripts are allowed and infact ENCOURAGED! All custom assets and scripts must follow workshop rules. Custom sounds must be in OGG format (quality level 0), and custom music must be in the following formats using this helpful list. Midis are slightly discouraged because it could sound like total ass on certain soundfonts and SRB2's Midi handler isn't exactly... stable. Here's a helpful guide if you need help on looping your OGGs. It's slightly outdated, but it should still be helpful. It's preferred if you DID loop the music though so that it sounds quite nice in the Sound Test.
  7. Keep accessibility in mind when creating your submissions. Entries containing excessive flashing lights or other content that could cause problems for players with epilepsy or related conditions will be disqualified.
  8. Cutscenes are allowed, but they must focus mainly on story or background for the level. Warnings, credits, or reminders to give feedback may be included in the form of a custom texture or in-level script the player can activate.
  9. Failure to Comply with either Rule 4 &/or Rule 7 will condemn your level to The Dungeon Of Perpetual Suffering (AKA it gets disqualified but kept in the mod albeit in a hidden chamber with the other disqualified levels that the player has to go out of their way to gain access to if they wish to play.).

And before you run off to go open Ultimate Zone Builder or whatever level creation tools of your choice I've also included a list of assets that you can choose from if you don't feel like making your own.

Asset List: See the second post I made in this thread.

As for the basic summary of the plot to SUGOI Gaiden?
It's set around the same time as Kimokawaiii where the basic plot is while Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles head off to stop Dr. Eg... I mean Tuxedo Mask, Agent Stone & Snively give Metal Sonic & Eggrobo orders to kidnap Amy Rose to use her as a bargaining chip to get their hands on the Chaos Emeralds to power an invincible terracotta army once owned by a fearsome dragon king by the name of Onaga, while Mighty leads a group of Sonic's friends that didn't go with Team Sonic to help put a stop to the mad plan of the not-so-good doctor's assistants and rescue Amy Rose.

Here's a link to the Soundtrack. (Keep in mind that the Pizza Tower songs and fan songs of Pizza Tower are placeholder hub themes Unless somebody doesn't compose a hub theme and varients of it for each area of the hub as well as a version for being near the gates of the arena.)

                • Emblem Hints: Collect all of the emblems in Area 0.
                • Emblem Radar: Collect half of the total amount of Emblems in the project.
                • Pandora's Box: Beat the game on ULTIMATE mode.
                • The Arena (A boss rush of both vanilla SRB2 bosses as well as the bosses from the assets and SUGOI Gaiden's bosses as well as a new boss exclusive to The Arena): Beat the boss of Area EX.
                • The Dungeon Of Perpetual Suffering (Disqualified & Banned levels if any arise in the project): In the first area of the Hub Push the Earless & Plug Hand statues off of a pair of buttons. You'll know when it's off as it'll play the ZELDA sound effect.
                • Level Select: Beat the game with the Chaos Emeralds.
                • Area EX: Collect all of the main emblems. (Yes. that includes the Dungeon Of Perpetual Suffering.)
                • Rewatch Credits: Just beat the game with either ending.
                • Sound Test: Clear The Arena.
                • Nights Mode and Marathon Mode are unlocked by default.

Area 0: Outside The Hub
Open for a single standard level and a boss. (Tutorial Zone can also be visited from this level.) This is where the Arena's gates also appear once you unlock the Arena.
Area 1: Entryway
Open for levels and it's boss.
Area 2: Garden
Open for levels and it's boss.
Area 3: Treasury
Open for levels and it's boss.
Area 4: Plumbing
Open for levels and It's boss.
Area 5: Prison
Open for levels and it's warden (the boss of the floor.)
Area 6: Art Gallery
Open for levels and it's boss.
Area 7: Throne Room
Open for some levels and the final bosses.
Area EX: Bonus Levels
The judges make the levels of this area as well as have a bonus boss awarding players for reaching this floor.
Area B: Basement
Open for 7 Special Stages.
Area 404: The Dungeon Of Perpetual Suffering
Disqualified levels will be here.
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onaga? you mean the one from mortal kombat? :smugblaze:
The easiest way to make a looping OGG is:
1. Grab a BRSTM from this website.
2. Download Looping Audio Converter.
3. Extract the ZIP and run the application.
4. Choose your BRSTM(s) you downloaded earlier via the "Add" button.
5. Put the conversion setting onto "[FFmpeg] OGG" and choose another place other than "./output" to put your OGG in.
6. Hit "Start" and let it do its thing.
7. Nicely done! Test it out and you're good to go!
Note: if you're trying to find the download button for the BRSTM, click the name of the song then click "Download BRSTM".
Character limits stink.

the stuff from the base game.
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Nice to see SUGOI getting some fair care after all this time, and it seems nice! Hope to see this released in the future!
I think its kinda better to post this in the MB... I'm not trying to a WS hater. but I think something like this would be nicely treated in the MB and would get you more attention.

again not tryin to be a hater.