srb2 v2.0.x


    [Portleg] Seaside Valley Port 1.0

    Well do you want some piece of ports but it very smaller than others? Well i'm ported one 2.0 level which created by MetalHead7 or either now known as SeventhSentinel, well this was his first submission and his first levelpack which contained only 3 stages which is are either WIP like second...
  2. Team-Alpha

    [Re-Usable] Alpha Sonic! 0.1 Beta

    Extreme Sonic Or Alpha Sonic Sprites Are Used In The 2000 Version Of SRB2 And Hes Back To See The Future And Meet 2.2 Sonic. Multi Thok: Wdym This Is Common :3 Nothing Too See Here

    SRB2 - New Horizons Port (2.0 Version) 1.0

    Yep, another unofficially ported levelpack but it small, and be splited by two versions of this level pack, the 2.0 version and 2.1 version. So after the Heroes Adventure, the new level pack is released for 2.0, which was only containing 1 zone with boss fight on 3 act, but then it was ported...

    Heroes Adventure Port 1.0.1

    Yep, this is my first ported levelpack, which is kinda not known for others, and mostly this was an 2.0 levelpack. While this levelpack don't seem so interesting, but i'm kinda want to speak about history about it. This levelpack was originally released on Skybase (which is now abandoned in...
  5. CG64

    SRB2 2.0.8 Patch is available!

    SRB2 2.0.8 is a custom build for 2.0 that fixes character physics and removes the input delay from the third person camera in multiplayer. For some reason, fullscreen doesn't work and I don't know why for now. Anyway, have fun!
  6. Galx

    Legacy SRB2 Network!

    Legacy SRB2 Network! "A giant 1.09.4/2.0.1 Netgame!" Ok, so you may be wondering. WHAT THE HECK IS LEGACY SRB2 NETWORK? No worry buddy, I'm going to tell you as I, the owner. This little thingy is called Legacy SRB2 Network, or also LSRB2N. It's a Giant netgame hosted in 1.09.4 and 2.0.1 (2.0.0...
  7. BloodShed

    [Re-Usable] The legacy music pack v.1.1

    Do you miss the old music? Well, Now you can Introducing the legacy music pack Including: Vanilla Zones Multiplayer Songs Mystic Realm FHZ and HHZ legacy themes Special Stage themes are changed to their 2.1 versions