1. tails13exe

    [Portleg] Acid Missile Unofficial 2.2 Port 2.2.3

    The original Mod is of course made by FuriousFox. Special Shoutout to GLide KS and Zipper for helping me fix the LUA_BOSS script! Acid Missile has finally been ported to 2.2 even if unofficially! Everything you would expect from mystic realm port holds true here. Mainly the same with small...

    [Portleg] Seaside Valley Port 1.0

    Well do you want some piece of ports but it very smaller than others? Well i'm ported one 2.0 level which created by MetalHead7 or either now known as SeventhSentinel, well this was his first submission and his first levelpack which contained only 3 stages which is are either WIP like second...

    [Portleg] Digital Empire Port 1.0

    Think about this one levelpack that was ported but not released but now it got released! Well today i'm ported another levelpack, and for others it be known or charming levelpack or having the fun experience, for either levels or soundtracks, and it was created by KartKrew team member that...
  4. roku

    [Portleg] Jeck Jims' Model Port"

    roku submitted a new addon: Jeck jilms model port - Portleg Read more about this addon...
  5. roku

    Jeck Jims' Model Port" sonic only again

    Sonic come back from the basement and has a model port Sonic regresa del sótano y tiene un puerto modelo

    SRB2 - New Horizons Port (2.0 Version) 1.0

    Yep, another unofficially ported levelpack but it small, and be splited by two versions of this level pack, the 2.0 version and 2.1 version. So after the Heroes Adventure, the new level pack is released for 2.0, which was only containing 1 zone with boss fight on 3 act, but then it was ported...

    Heroes Adventure Port 1.0.1

    Yep, this is my first ported levelpack, which is kinda not known for others, and mostly this was an 2.0 levelpack. While this levelpack don't seem so interesting, but i'm kinda want to speak about history about it. This levelpack was originally released on Skybase (which is now abandoned in...
  8. S

    can someone do a subarashii portleg?

    i suggest do a subarashii portleg until they release the oficial one
  9. SonicHacker141

    [Portleg] Oldies Pack Version 1.0

    A bunch of Characters/OCs, most of them coming from 109.4/Final Demo. Credits: Senku Niola (Senya and Nitemare) and Chrispy (Nitro) - For creating the 3 characters. DirkTheHusky, MotorRoach - The Dashmode script for Nitro.
  10. John the idiotic guy

    Jeck Jim's Saturn Models V1

    After seeing that Haida (Or MKFB) Decided to delete all his portlegs from the WS to personal reasons and others One of the portlegs deleted was "Jeck Jim's Saturn Models Reborn" Which i really loved,so,i decided to port it myself! The only model for now is..Flicky! The adorable bird which...

    EGA Palette Port 1.0

    Yes, a port of one mod that changes a original SRB2's Palette (PLAYPAL) into EGA Palette that would melt your eyes with bright colors. \-Credits-/ Original Creator of EGA Palette - Jazz - Original Post Ported into 2.2 - МАКС ГРЕЧКАッ

    Crawla Honcho Port 1.0

    Crawla Honcho - customized crawla is now ported into 2.2 well this addon adds a custom-maded crawla - that having a General Hat with Sunglasses. and now controls \-CONTROLS-/ Info from this addon. Rocket Jump Push the Custom 1 key to Rocket Jump! Big air and big damage! Aquatics Swim...

    Labyrinth Sonic Port 1.0.1

    Well this is a another port of character, Labyrinth Sonic - character originated from Sonic Labyrinth, is unoffically ported from 2.1 to 2.2, you can make a Spindash + Spring Spawn, Enjoy with that piece of character port! :cool: Credits Original Author - VirtualSonic43 (the same guy that...
  14. DoMikoto

    [Portleg] XSRB2 Portleg v1.2

    This levelpack featuring 3 zones and 2 bosses: Daybreak Dash Zone: Sandy Shrine Zone: Factory Farce Zone: Knows Issues: Floor Offsets Wall Offsets Credits: K.S. - Original Author Sapheros - Knuckles Chaotix's Scale Monitors Goldenhog - Combine Monitor (From ESP) Reused Content...
  15. DoMikoto

    [Portleg] Aurora Atoll Zone v1

    This is a beach level made by Seventhsentine. The port is an accurate copy of the original (probably). There are also skins emblems, Record Attack and Unlockables. In The port was added: Textures from SRB2 Kart Palm Trees From SRB2 Kart Skybox for Title Screen and level Enjoy!
  16. DoMikoto

    [Portleg] Senku - 2.0 Character now in 2.2! v1

    Senku is character from 2.0 Original Post: https://mb.srb2.org/threads/senku-wad.15234/ Senku can make wall jump and stomp! Also abilities maked on SOC, 2.0 was too interesting version for custom abilities Have fun! Credits: Sonic1983 - Ported this mod Senku Niola - Original Author
  17. Haida

    [Re-Usable] Modern abilities v2

    (I just need to get boost to work and then this become v1) This is a wad file this time Hello world! Im Haida,and im there here with a new Port! (But this inst a model portleg) This is the:Modern abilitys Port! Double jump/Wall jump/Homing thok (Dont mind the boost hud down there) Stomp...
  18. Haida

    IM DEAD LOL (Portlegs)

    From my portlegs requests Im doing all of them (I just have modern abilitys on work,just need to fix the MOSO and BOOST lua) Abilitys that worked on scene Double jump/Wall jump/Homing attack Fixed ones on scene to Spam stomp Falling on the brak battle STOMP farm
  19. Haida

    Map timer

    Im doing a fix/Patch (more like portleg) For the Sonic adventure 2 port And i wanna know,is it possible add a specific timer to a map ?
  20. RepeatedKibbles

    Frozen Hillside Zone 2023-05-30

    This map been around May/June 2012 made by Blade. Note: This map nothing to do with Port Pack Remastered whatsoever. Somebody did port before I did. I did from 2.0 map. What is the differences is there is emblem on the second act. Credits: Levels Frozen Hillside Zone Blade Port (act 2)...