Shadow the Hedgehog PLUS

[Patch] Shadow the Hedgehog PLUS 1.0

Ohhh well if I hadn't felt stupid before I feel stupid now
If telling players to turn off addon downloading and telling to download here then why it has non-reuseable addon? Cherryb told me it's not allowed on master server.
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i got it working on mobile by sending it from a pc to my phone in case you want to know how to get it
Oh yeah it on the text my bad I going to need a pc emulated for this
Ok I get I know what do stop booooo me pls I not in the mood

Pls stop saying boooo I not in the mood pls this is your only chance
..What? How do Jeck Jim's Models make it onto mobile while I can't even get it right?
Here's the thing how about you go lead something on game bananas and 1 of my add-ons I'll make sense later and just in case you just don't want to I can tell you now basically we'll hear what I do I'll make them odds oh my PC then I'll make a private link on med file or Google drive then I'll download it on my android device and then that's how I do it I do because the controls on mobile are better
or you can say you are banned form The MB so you cant get the Shadow file. so you are asking people to get the MOD for you.
and expecting to somehow find someone to repost it on gamebanana. plus this is offtopic go somewhere else