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Mikhael Blur

Mikhael Blur

Mikhael Blur submitted a new addon:

RUS Resource Pack - Over 20 gimmicks by Russians!

It all started with a simple collection of simple resources for a local asset pack, and ended with a full release (but not on MB).

You can see all the gimmicks in the test map, and also learn how they work.

Here's some GIFs.

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That's it for now. Have fun!

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Mikhael Blur updated RUS Resource Pack with a new update entry:

Some news about Resource Pack.

I didn't touch this Asset Pack for long time.
That's why I decided to make some announce about some big changes.

As you know, for now I'm making more "Fire & Ice mix" map, which already include custom hazards like freeze and new enemy!

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(In this GIF, everything is still WIP)

No question, that will be included in new version of this Asset Pack.

Also one more thing... I decided to rename this Asset Pack to "WS Resource Pack", which means that addon it will not be...

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when i try to use the addon i get this error message


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