SaturaPal v1 - Initial Release

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Do you think SRB2's default PLAYPAL is a little dull? Wanting a bit more vibrancy with the game but other PLAYPALs make the game not look the way you want them to? How about giving SaturaPal a whirl?

This PLAYPAL aims to make Sonic Robo Blast 2 pop out a little bit more than what the vanilla game can dish out. Simple as that.
Please let me know if I should make any tweaks to this palette! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Technical information
Files: One .WAD file, consists of solely the PLAYPAL.
GameBanana Mirror:
yknow this was inadvertently created from me just toying around with the original playpal in aseprite i just happened to pick it up after i figured this could be made into something nice and i think this works well, but again, suggestions are appreciated
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  • sans13
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  • Version: v1 - Initial Release
i like your Pal the PLAYPAY makes some area really realistic like Drep Sea Zone and makes the effect of water realistic in the renderer stofwaire.