Zombie Escape Legacy

Zombie Escape Legacy v2.5.1 [WS]



Jisk submitted a new addon:

Zombie Escape Legacy - Escape from the Zombies! Don't get caught and eaten by them! They can catch up with you anytime...

We felt like this gamemode needed to be posted on the MB. Since we don't feel like having this rot in the open. Anyone can take and edit this mod however they like; treat it as "Public Domain" as they say in the real world. We also didn't want to limit this to "just a gamemode you see on that random server".

This gametype has so much history gone through it. It was originally created by "Hammito" (Known as Sabl3 today). This was created for the sole reason of giving survivors a weapon in...

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I have no idea what third-party scripts are doing here, Map Vote (by krabs), StuffAccount and others. It's more like a server pack.
Have third party scripts been modified to work correctly?
Have third party scripts been modified to work correctly?
Yes they have been modified to work with zombie escape and are essential to the mod. Especially Ringslinger neo since it's code has been modified a lot over time.
Hmmm ze now as not just a server file................................