The Legacy Army.

The Legacy Army. 1.5

my pc had a virus and broke, soooo im not taking risks with the latest version having a virus
I heard you in update I didn't know had virus. You should ask admin to disable download for since it's in history page and yes it's the reason is to prevent more players downloading it.
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It's completely removed in history page after i told Workshop admin. If someone still has don't host that version it has virus.
Hahahahahah virus? In an SRB2 mod? Are you kidding me? Xd.

Well let's have a take on the obvious stuff once again...

Unless there is some veeerrrrrrrry obscure and critical exploit literally no one in any community anticipates, I can assure you that you can't have a working virus in an SRB2 addon.
Why am I so certain? It's just because SRB2's lua is very limited; it can't read/write files outside of your luafiles folder. Any other modding options don't present a threat even remotely.
And if you're talking about your own PC catching a virus and it infecting the mod... All I can say is rofl, because in that case the mod should with 95+% chance just stop working at all, since if it's actually the work of a real virus, then that file got infected by a random chance, because I highly doubt the existence of such a useless virus targeting specifically srb2 MODS FILES!!!

Also I kinda want to take a look at that "infected" file out of curiosity =3
There's still virus problem when i scanned recent version.


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Can you make the download seperate for each character?
This sure is a legacy army isn't it-