The Legacy Army.

The Legacy Army. 1.5



SonikkuBoy submitted a new addon:

The Legacy Army. - haha you don't have windows 9x?

12 characters. From old versions. ALL ported to v2.2.
Army is a pack of characters from old versions of SRB2, ported to the current version.
That's all i have to say. Currently in this mod there is :

- Halloween Sonic, from SRB2WEEN
-Early Sonic, from the earliest builds of SRB2.
-Xmas v0.96 Sonic, from...

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Oops I went off topic. Anyways good mod SonikkuBoy!
It feels strange yet fitting when playing as Halloween Tech Sonic :o
It's like you're playing a somewhat different game.

early tails is bby :>
Speaking of Tails, actually, couldn't Final Demo Tails run on water when given the speed shoes or am I remembering wrong?
sweeeeeeeet :D
Where did you got Early Knuckles and Early Tails?