Some Silverhorn Pack findings

I was looking around the files and the castle level itself, and I did some interesting findings that could be pointing out at a future big update

First of all, what der hecc is this?
Among with the normal Good Ending pic that you get after completing Mindscape...

...There's also some kind of Corrupted Ending of sorts!

Is Facciolo going to return in a future update to get revenge against our deer boi? 😳🐺

Also, now centering on the castle map... It seems like Astra & co. left some hints for future new areas of the castle

Like the rest of that Artifact Room (what do they hide in the deeper levels?)

Those weird doorways over the courtyard at the right side of the main hallway

This obvious doorway over the room past the courtyard

Is this weird teleporter-like or shrine-like thing besides the stairway going to do something?

And last but not least, Super Mario 64 flashbaccs from this freaking tower with infinite stairs in it

All we can do for now is just theorize and wait for the first major update (whenever Astra dares to make it)

(Don't consider a secret but,dfjdjk)
Idk if this is true but
In the "Silverhorn Release server" some people said that Facciolo is Willo's Grandfather
How the fu-
if you don't want to be spoiled before it's 2024, maybe hit the back button in your browser. Otherwise, let's get on with it.

Disclaimer: These findings are all from me opening the Silverhorn pack file in SLADE and digging through the folders.
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Now for my comments/thoughts/assumptions on these!

1. The filename for this one is WL_DEEZ.
2. Yeah there's a folder inside the root directory of the mod that has the L taunt silhouette from Fortnite, not much for me to say on this one.
4 & 5. These aren't even secrets probably, I just wanted to extract them because Jana. Though I assume there's dialogue for her that's associated with the Mindscape Zone, much like for the others here too.
6 & 8. This one's interesting since AFAIK, there's no real Metal Fang anywhere, unless it's in the battle mode for Sonic Superstars then I guess that makes sense.
7. The highlighted file here (iirc), aside from the interesting filename, seems to be how Aether's Caramelldansen dance functions (i.e., bobbing to the left and right of the music.)
9, 10, & 11. It's interesting to find image files for Sonic X's Sonic here, despite the fact that as of 12/31/2023, X Sonic isn't even out of the beta stage (as far as I know.)

- Compared to the port of Inazuma, Silverhorn Inazuma no longer has the ability to fly in his super form, instead functioning the same as if he wasn't super. His super color is also green compared to the port's blue, and his little electric forcefield doesn't actually get buffed. That's where the attraction and thunder shields come in for Silverhorn Ina. (RIP)

- There exists image files for the vanilla cast, Whisper, Tangle, Flame, Silver, Iclyn, Milne, Boost Sonic (or as the mod name refers to itself as, "Modern" Sonic) Surge, Marine, Blaze, Hinote, Bowser, and Skip as well! Is this probably the first known documentation of an updated Hinote? In terms of whether or not she'll be getting a playable makeover, I don't know and I can't say anything about that. But do we at least get to see a new design for her? Yes. Now for what Skip's images look like...View attachment 2830View attachment 2831
And for Bowser!
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Even Sage has some images!
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- If you enter the Mindscape Zone as the Deltarune trio, there's unique dialogue for everyone, including the boss of the stage.

- Map IDs:
-- RW - Prologue - The Tutorial for Inazuma and Aether
-- RX - Aether's Castle
-- RY - Mindscape Zone
-- RZ - Some cutscene thing.

Feel free to contribute if you find anything else associated with the Silverhorn pack!

So there's a graphic that comes into play if you try to cheat the Silverhorn pack, whether by committing SMS and black hole, or by Pandora's Box. It's Facciolo but as Big Chungus, holding a green UNO reverse card.
Never in my life have I had a reason to leak secrets from the Silverhorn pack as grand as this reason.
Well, I searched "Sonic Metal Fang" in Google out of curiosity, and the first image result was a tweet from Dr Stephen:

He actually made a Metal Fang
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i tried to add dialouge for mega man x but it didn't work :/
here it is


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Wonder, you need to beat mindscape to unlock ultimate inazuma once unlocked idle to meditate barrier while meditating