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Ring-placements! - Tired of rings? How about a burger or some stars?

Are you tired of the same, shiny golden rings you see throughout all sorts of locations in SRB2 across the multiple modding realms that play the same DSITEMUP.lmp sound? Don't feel like going to Pipe Towers for the coins? Lucky for you, I have an answer for that! Well uhh, multiple, I...​

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I liked the mod, can you do more?
More Ring-placements are planned to be bundled in as time goes on, I just need to find things that work as ring reskins.

So far, only one has been planned to be part of a future update.
Apart from that, I also need to figure out how to not burn myself out from trying to get so much packed into one thing. ^^"
But yeah, more are planned to be bundled in!
Keep it up and I was thinking if you added the Knuckles Chaotix rings it would be cool to match the bomb model and the Chaotixchas

colors! :D
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The Universal Mix Update

This has been sitting in the backlog for... too long to even count, since I've been doing other stuff. But after so much time, with the power of a Universal Mix, this update is finally here!

So what's new?
- BLUE BRICKS IN SRB2 (finally)
- Brown gears
- Freedom Planet gems
- Old...

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