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TehPuertoRicanSpartan submitted a new addon:

Legacy Title Card - For nostalgic players who doesn't like v2.2's title card.

Ah, v2.2! The first major revamp of the fangame! Wait, what was that? You hate its title card? Well. why didn't you just say so?

This mod replaces the new title card with the old one through Lua! Just check it out:

Yeah, it's pretty straight forward. I'm just bored, so I did this.

Oh, and the reason why the version number...

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Welcome to releases! Sorry for delay.
This is a good add-on to go with that final demo + HUD
can i add this to my 2.1 -> 2.2 add-on compilation file?
pfp bruh
Oh sweet 👀
2019 was 5 years ago. 2.1 was five years ago. Feel old yet?
Hey dude, uh can you change it so the "Get __ Blue Spheres!" can appear after the title cards are gone?
Could you add a version that has the old act 3 sign? (See demo 2-4 for more info)