1. tails13exe

    [Portleg] Acid Missile Unofficial 2.2 Port 2.2.2

    The original Mod is of course made by FuriousFox. Special Shoutout to GLide KS and Zipper for helping me fix the LUA_BOSS script! Acid Missile has finally been ported to 2.2 even if unofficially! Everything you would expect from mystic realm port holds true here. Mainly the same with small...
  2. Sirexer

    [Re-Usable] The Emerald Isle 3.1.1

    The Emerald Isle This levelpack by Kuja contains 10 zones (2 zones, 4 "red zones" and 4 "blue zones"), also has secret levels. tei_altlevels - With this command, you can toggle the choice between "blue zones" and "red zones" after you defeat the boss. That port on MB was not full-fledged and...
  3. Muffin Kid from Brazil

    Legacy Shadow (Official port) v1

    Hello,i am MKFB,and now i`m back with an amazing port,that i know that a lot of people probably wanted to see... Yes,it`s him! back from 2.1 better than ever! The proof that i got permission to port the mod is in the end of the mod`s page But now...let`s go to his abilities,shall we? And...
  4. Muffin Kid from Brazil

    2.1 Maps But They Are Similiar To Their 2.2 Version v2

    Heya! I decided to port all the 2.1 levels with some 2.2 elements (Like some specific textures,tokens and skyboxes) The levels that are in the pack Greenflower Act 1,2 and 3 But yeah! Here are some screenshots! And that's the mod! Credits Clairebun - Made the SRB2 Soundtrack Remade (OGG)...
  5. Muffin Kid from Brazil

    Modern Abilities for 2.2 v1

    Before you say : -HuMmM,tHiS iS a PoRtLeG. You are very WRONG The original mod is OPEN ASSETS Well,now that i gave you the DISCLAIMER Let's go to the mod itself! Abilities: Boost Well,you need to press C1 to the ability work Run on water As long as boosting,you can run on water...
  6. Muffin Kid from Brazil

    Kinda Accurate Invader Zim v2

    Repost of a mb mod that i made DISCLAIMER: IN MB THIS IS IS GOING TO BE V2,BUT WHY NOT POST THE NEXT VERSION ON WS ? And here we go! A port of Invader Zim from Final demo! Well,he is a slow peaced character,but that doesnt stop him from defeating Eggman and his evil plans! (Pssst,his...
  7. DoMikoto

    Advance Sonic v2.4 - Global Update

    Advance Sonic - New update for SRB2 is available now! Advance Sonic has New Tricks and Boost Mode allow him to breeze through zones with ease. Abilities: Boost Mode Sonic runs for a period of time at maximum speed, while not slowing down or stopping, he will break through the sound barrier...
  8. SonikkuBoy

    The Legacy Army. 1.5

    12 characters. From old versions. ALL ported to v2.2. Legacy Army is a pack of characters from old versions of SRB2, ported to the current version. That's all i have to say. Currently in this mod there is : - Halloween Sonic, from SRB2WEEN...
  9. RepeatedKibbles

    [Re-Usable] Mine Maze Remake 2.2 port 1.4.9

    "Introducing Mine Maze, A Remake of an Alpha SRB2 Level, Featuring Platforms moving Vertically and a bunch of Slopes (Act 2), and a Boss Battle, Originally submitted for SUGOI. Plot: After Defeating Eggman and his Plans at Arid Canyon He escaped to a Dark Mine nearby, you decided to Follow...
  10. romabloxovich0

    [Re-Usable] Pre-2.0 Egg Rock Act 1! 1.0

    Yoo the pre-2.0 version of Egg Rock on Workshop!!!! Here are the screenshots:
  11. Ninja Sonic

    SRB2 Unleashed v2

    This mod is a port of the original mod by E123OmegaShow. 2.2 port by Port Guys Team. Trailer: View: https://youtu.be/ka2vQcTTDvo This mod has 22 maps. It have 6 continents, wich are Apotos, Spagonia, Chun-Nan, Holoska, Adabat and Eggmanland. There is no Mazuri, no Empire City and no Shamar...