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This is Jason The Fox my own OC.

Sprites made by myself alone.

Here are his abilities!:

1- Wall Climb:
Just hop onto any wall holding spin, and you can go wall jumping like Jana! Feel free to fly across the stage to your hearts content.

2- Stomp:

By pressing Tossflag mid air, you can quickly drop down for a better vertical control! Stop wasting your time by waiting for gravity to do their job!.

3- Homing Thok:
What a classic.. Just press jump mid air to home onto the nearest spring or enemy, Nobody shall escape your mighty autoaim!.

4- Nuke:
Are you tired of dealing with swarms of pesky robots or foes? Well fear no more!

While super press C1 at the cost of no rings, triggering an explosion slightly bigger than the Armaggedon shield.

5- Turbo:

Be the first one to arrive at the end with this powerfull ability! (use it wisely or you can easily die)

While super and grounded hold TossFlag to boost at the speed of light!. (You cannot jump while doing).

//ClimbSpin Lua made by BuggieTheBug.//
//Several Lua abilities taken from Minero's OP Abilities mod//
//Sol Form Effects Lua made by Kirb,and refined by AetherBread and Soniku11. (Unused)//
//Stomp Lua from Open Character Assets by SP Moves Enjoyer.//
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Latest reviews

  • LinkThePale
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: v4
No way it's Jason from Gammabarn! He's now real cool, 10/10
Muffin Kid from Brazil
  • Muffin Kid from Brazil
  • 4.00 star(s)
  • Version: v3.2
It is good
But my only complains are the sprites
Well thats how i draw, im sorry if you didnt liked them man. I aint an expert, and the sprites are the only thing is mine, so if you take them away, theres nothing of mine there