1. mr.needlmouse

    Bill cipher in dr.robotniks ring racers Version 1

    Bill Cipher is fast, lightweight character from class C Bill Cipher stats Speed:8 Weight:1 Rivals: tikal,knuckles,emerl Color:garden
  2. WhiteFelineWonder

    GMod Lilac joins SRB2 Kart! v1 - Initial Release

    Coming straight from the realm of the Garry's Mod workshop, is Lilac! She's one of the protagonists from Freedom Planet, and this time she's got a cool little hoverboard she rented for the races. Her stats are the same as that of Lilac from the FPChars mod. Speed = 7 Weight = 2 Prefcolor =...
  3. Ganbare-Lucifer

    Burrobot v1

    Burrobot - Sonic The Hedgehog The Badnik from Sonic The Hedghehog (Genesis/Mega Drive). Sp. 5 - Wg. 3 Rivals: Motobug, Caterkiller, Redz
  4. S

    Vector the Crocodile V1.1

    Filling the void of some missing extrachars, this marks the return of hopefully one of many Vectors to Ring Racers. Stats: 7S 7W Rivals: Knux, Espio, and Charmy Unlock method: Look under the bus in Panic City at midnight
  5. pharthurogames

    Sparrow Greenleaf 1.1.5

    Sparrow May Seen Brand New, But He Got His Tricks Up His Sleves If You Run For Long Enough, You'll Activate Peel Out Mode! Adventure Flight And S3AIR Flight Drop Tailswipe Sparrow Blast Compatibility: All Characters Can Hug Milne Dance Kirby Glitches Tip: Check Out The Hidden Files...
  6. pharthurogames

    USA Sonic 1.1

    Hey hey! You all read the name ladies and gentlemen. Usa Sonic Is back from his grave! After 3 or 2 months in the making user Billy. --Abilitys!-- Boost Mode - If you run for a while US while start to flash. It indicates that the longer you run the faster you go! Jump Thok - Its pretty much...
  7. Sasaki

    Yumi The Frostbird 1.0

    A couple of years ago, the slicer arrived to SRB2 as a result of an a joke about making badniks of Metropolis Zone playable turned into a full-time effort mod. A year later, I present you the next newcomer to this rag-tag group of badniks, the re-imagined vision of a playable version of a...
  8. Sasaki

    WIP Thread for Yumi the Frostbird (V0.75) & Ann the Slicer (0.92)

    Greetings. So it turns out I haven't been dormant for all this time. I've been working on these two character mods for a while, and both of them have hit the classic LUA dead end point where I lack the knowledge to finish the features I have intended for them. Since I've decided MB folks are...
  9. S

    Dallas (Payday 2) V1.1.2/RR_V.1.1

    A less ambitious character than the Animal releases, but still a viable racer in today's climate. Keep in mind that due to the source material, his voice lines can be a bit vulgar. Credits: Overkill Software for creating Dallas to begin with Cookie32113 for the original T-posing Dallas, the...
  10. Hamoff

    Robo Char 1.0

    Heres My 1st Character ROBO CHAR! :banhammer: Between You And Me He Might Not Look Like Much But Trust Me Hes Got More Then You Think... ABOUT 6 (kind of) MAJOR FLAGS! But If Your Still Not Hyped... He's Got Some High Speeds And A Custom Move... Hyper Dash! Hes Also Got Metal Sonics Hover But...
  11. Dylan Sahr

    (UPDATE) Godzilla: Monster of Monsters Characters 1.6

    V1.6 Update: - Changed all character speeds 2D sprites of NES Godzilla and NES Mothra are made by Toho Co., LTD. 3D sprites of Godzilla made by Cosbydaf (Leoris) (Got permission to use his sprites) Want to get updates on what is being changed with the addon and what's new? Join my discord...
  12. S

    [Re-Usable] Lucky Bumper/Snail X v1

    Credits: Togen: Simple AnimaL Framework, the backbone of it all Nintendo: Original Bumper design and SFX from F-Zero X/GP Me: Model/rigging/posing/etc. NepDisk - Additional Lua help The Bumper model created for this is also available for free use. Credit is appreciated, but not demanded.
  13. N

    Super Mario! V1

    Itsa Him A Mario! Wahoo! (MOVESET) Ability 1 Spindash! Mario May Be New Here But He Has His Ways Of Spindashing! Ability 2 Triple Jump! Jump 3 Times In A Row And Mario Will Have A High Final Jump! Ability 3 Super Jump! Press C1 To Crouch In Place After A While Mario's Shirt And Hat Will...
  14. WhiteFelineWonder

    Hedgehog Edits (With Friends) v1C-Minor

    These are a handful of P_SKIN patches to the vanilla cast (and some others) that mainly focus on adding some flavor to their sounds. However, there is a special case for the vanilla cast, as some of them have different speed, sprites, or new functionality! (Also should note that this works best...
  15. Tsuko_G98

    [Re-Usable] Jacky....IN SRB2KART?! (Fixed) v2

    Jacky and srb2kart? ... just what I was thinking, anyway a girl with a trucker mouth drill and not so friendly attitude joined srb2kart to compete with the other racers, thanks a lot to Raul Hedge-Bomber who helped me with the character. Credits: raul and me It's time to drill!!! !!!!
  16. skeletondome

    SouthChars - A South Park themed character pack

    You might have seen my Mysterion character mod I released a couple days ago and read the small text at the top. Soon, more South Park characters will be added; specifically, their superhero alter egos as seen in S13 EP2 "The Coon", S14 EP11 "The Coon 2: Hindsight", S14 EP12 "Mysterion...

    [Re-Usable] Jelly Sonic 1.1

    Jelly Sonic - the same as Jelly Tails, but Sonic, he uses the same abilities, instead of fly like tails, it now thok. \-Features-/ "js_help" command, this would show you a commands of this character. \-Credits-/ Jelly Tails lua by SweetCoffy Original Mod...
  18. NormalGraham

    NeoStreak True V2

    NeoStreak The follow-up to Blue Streak, NeoStreak is an all-purpose synthesis of my favorite elements of Neo Sonic, Modern Sonic, and Frontier Sonic. The stomp is perfect for crowd control and precise platforming, the Cyloop can waste enemies and gather rings, and with the True V2 update you...
  19. S

    [Re-Usable] SM64 Mario v1.1.1

    Another project to take advantage of AnimaL, Mario's SM64 incarnation hits the ground running. Credits: Togen - AnimaL Script Nintendo/FluffaLuigi - Mario N64 model (latter uploaded it to TMR and, I assume, rigged it) pannenkoek2012 - This invaluable video for studying the game's animations Me...
  20. Pikα

    Speedy Sonic 2.3

    did you ever heard of Speedy Sonic before?, Speedy Sonic the first mod i made (and the only one). i start working on it 4 years ago, today it's almost finish! but i'm sharing the build of my progress so far (they're gonna be a lot of updates). Special Thanks: Members of Reality Group (my...