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Star Light Zone - Stage From Sonic 1 in Match

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My second map. (how like second map... First map in the workshop) Yes, it's been almost 2 years ago.

This is Star Light Zone for Match and Tag, from 1st Sonic. I made this map out of pure curiosity, and didn't expect anything special, however... I liked this work, so I decided to publish it.

If (of course), people somehow like it, and something will work out. In the future, I will add a CTF-KotH version of the map, and also...

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this map looks not bad, ignoring blank white textures which looks weird and intangible fences, i have found out that the map looks super buggy in Software and i can assume u made the map with OpenGL in mind, but here are the bugs:



There seem to be a lot of errors with the transparency being abscent in software mode


Random texture floating in the sky, probably some misplaced midtexture

Thers one major bug that i couldnt skip


This is OpenGL, look at the platform side textures


In software, the lower parts of platforms are completely invisible, you probably had some issues with the Half light blocks
Thats all the bugs i could find, i hope this will be useful for you
Hmmmmmmmmm,Looks good!