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OmarTheBoy2010 submitted a new addon:

SRB2Construct Remade In Legacy - The hangout map that you visit for relaxation and memories of the Legacy SRB2.

Hey! Are you bored? Well in that case, you should download SRB2Construct Remade in Legacy! This is a hangout map. Look at these images!View attachment 454View attachment 455View attachment 456View attachment 457View attachment 458View attachment 459Oh! And I hope you enjoy this hangout map as I did making it.
So what are you waiting for? Get on your computer to download and play it now.

Good Luck!

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If you have SSNSonic, SSNTails, NoChuckles, And 2.1Knuckles, play as them in this mod!
Hey, Mikhael Blur. If you have Badnik Pack DX and Retro Monitors, Add this emoji, [:cool:].
Hey, guys. Guess what? I was playing SRB2 with the mod Green Hill Zone to play the first level, until...


Can you fix this?
You know guys this is just a repost of a gamebanna mod.
This is unfair how can I download E123Omega in gamebanana?😡😡😡
If x sonic is available to download send it to me.