SRB2 Netplus - V2.2.10

SRB2 Netplus - V2.2.10 2.2.10



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CG64 submitted a new addon:

SRB2 Netplus - V2.2.10 - Now you can play netgames without control lag!

Before everything, I would like to say this custom build was not made by me. I'm just posting the 2.2.10 build here so more people can download it because before you just could get the recent builds in a private discord server. Also, before entering a server, I recommend you disable skybox by using a console command "skybox off" and set "Weather Draw Dist." option to "None" in video options, just to avoid bugs and crashes.

SRB2 Netplus is a custom build made and developed by LXShadow and...

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This is cool. I wanna play with you in some great mods if you want :)
nvm, developer is back
2.2.11 netplus will be coming soon (maybe)