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Sparrow Greenleaf - My First Unedited Character Mod

Sparrow May Seen Brand New, But He Got His Tricks Up His Sleves

Adventure Flight
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Like It Says, You Don't Need To Spam The Jump Button

Wall Jump
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You Can Pull Up An Mario And Walk Jump Up Walls (Note: It's A Little Broken)

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Or If The Wall Jump Wasn't Your Kind, Pull Up An Modern Sonic And Crush Your Foes With A Mighty Stomp


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in concept its not bad, thought the character its way too vertical, you maybe should re think the moveset, as fly, and the wall jump allow you to climb up way too quick, more than you fall down, which might get you stuck on the ceiling quite easy more often than not.

I also noticed the addition of several "Open Character Assets" abilities, maybe you could try put some more effort to it, as you only added custom abilities to a character that has all Sonic sprites, and Tails Sprites for when you fly. Thats a quite lazy work, maybe you can try respriting it, to something more original, or rename it as a some sort of "better Sonic", or something like that, instead of treating it like an OC.