Ring Racers base-game content guidelines

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I made an account on here in the event I want to make edits to the base game of Ring Racers, such as voice swaps and other petty replacements.

Here are the official rules regarding the base-game's assets
The short version is that any mods that alter base-game content rather than add to it have to be run past their original creator, which means they probably aren't gonna happen.
I find this pretty stupid given how much of vanilla srb2 you're allowed to change.
...and also the fact that ring racers wouldn't be possible if id software was equally protective of their work.

You can already see a consequence of this ruling here: https://mb.srb2.org/addons/espio-resprite.6686/
Wanna make a mod that swaps all the characters' voices for their japanese counterparts? Sorry pal you gotta run that by Kart Krew since they worked really hard on uh, ripping audio files.
Wanna give Metal Sonic red eyes like he has in literally every piece of official media? Yeah that'll have to be an alternate skin.

I'm basically making this thread as a PSA to make use of the DRRR Red Sphere section for any mod that goes against this. Altering the creator's vision is literally the point of modding games, DRRR shouldn't be an exception.

Gonna attach a mod of similar nature to this post, a voice replacement for Arle I found before srb2mb had a DRRR section.
I am unaware who made this mod, if they want credit I'll edit this post to include them. If they want to post this mod somewhere I'll just replace this last part with a link to that.


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I wonder why it has port for drrr but the game got made in 2.2 doom engine so why where they be ports