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МАКС ГРЕЧКАッ submitted a new addon:

Labyrinth Sonic - Sonic that got unoffically ported to 2.2,

Well this is a another port of character,
Labyrinth Sonic - character originated from Sonic Labyrinth, is unoffically ported from 2.1 to 2.2, you can make a Spindash + Spring Spawn,

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Enjoy with that piece of character port! :cool:


Original Author - VirtualSonic43 (the same guy that maded original goomba addon) -
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Lua to recreate that character...

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your going to port every character you can find i bet
He may be slow, but I still have that soft spot for him when I first discovered him in the 2.1 days. Maybe there could be some new tech for him since slopes are part of the game; higher spring altitude and farther distance when speeding down a slope and spawning a spring!
МАКС ГРЕЧКАッ updated Labyrinth Sonic Port with a new update entry:

Labyrinth Sonic Port V1.0.1 Mini Update

Hello, i'm released a mini update for Labyrinth Sonic Port, so yea it's really small and not interesting,

Now you can have full colorize a Labyrinth Sonic for multiplayer!
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Okay it's not that interesting or the GREATEST feature ever, but for players that playing multiplayer and using their skincolor of sort, it's normal. Now the character would use a "startcolor = 96" in S_SKIN,

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