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Jeck Jim's Saturn Models V1

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Jeck Jim's Saturn Models - Portleg,cry about it

After seeing that Haida (Or MKFB)
Decided to delete all his portlegs from the WS to personal reasons and others
One of the portlegs deleted was "Jeck Jim's Saturn Models Reborn"
Which i really loved,so,i decided to port it myself!
The only model for now is..Flicky!
The adorable bird which everyone loves!

He works like he's supposted to,all his animations work right and he even got Night Sprites!
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So yeah,that's it for this for now!

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I'm looking forward to these models, I'm glad that people are still interested in porting these models. I would like to be able to help with this but I don't even know how to code and I'm less likely to model. I hope this project ends well :)
Are You making Team kinetic models?
Can You Make Dirk's Port 3d model pls


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