Extra Character Abilities

Extra Character Abilities 1b WIP

Your GIFs doesn't seem it works well.
Try to re-upload them or something.
  2023 03 08 070342
I put Screenshoot bc i cant fix my GIF problem

Does it pass ?
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Weird. I feel like i seen those sprites before. Well doesn't matter but this mod is good! Just needs a bit of tweaks.
I think I'll review this mod on video in order to accurately evaluate your mod honestly
"imba ?" I mean imbalance character due to the infinite boost, but this is IMHO. You may not pay much attention.
@Mikhael Blur eh why it says it's reusable?
It's not
Sorry for misunderstood, but you choosed on this point as "No", which means that your addon IS Re-Usable. You can change it back, if you don't really get about this point tho.