Elitay's Saturn Styled Model Pack

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Elitay's Saturn Styled Model Pack - Saturn Styled Model Pack

Here is an official post for my model pack outside of the SRB2 MB. Tails, Tailsdoll, 2.1 Knuckles, Blueshoe Tails, Jelly Tails, Microwave, and Vanilla Sonic have been added. Knuckles and Metal Sonic have been remade and finished, some of Sonic animations are redone. F Sonic, Fly Sonic, and SSN Sonic have seperate models now. The Egg Slimer and its goop have been modeled, Buzzes, Spring Shells, Crushstaceans, Banpyuras, their spring, pop up turrets, Lance-a-bots, their statues, Egg Guards...

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Yeah but there is no point to download it
how ever, I might do some workshop characters in the future for this version of the pack, gotta start somewhere
also some fang leaks for ya'll


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Hey EliTay, Nice model pack!
just for my wondering brain that askes questions alot, are you going to make a SSNTails model