(Discontinued) [FD Match] 1.09.4 Fan Maps V1

(Discontinued) [FD Match] 1.09.4 Fan Maps V1 1.0



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CG64 submitted a new addon:

[FD Match] - 1.09.4 Fan Maps V1 - A pack containing and will contain more 1.09.4 match maps (and other modes soon) made by old players

Quick Advice: It's recommended to play this pack with old weapons mod that you can find in MB to get a better experience, since 1.09.4 maps doesn't use all weapons because of the old gameplay mechanics.

1.09.4 Fan maps is a project that has and will have more Final demo multiplayer maps made by old players ported to 2.2 if it's decent enough. The goal now is to find and port good old match maps and soon I'll be porting the CTF ones and race. For now, in V1, you will see only 5 match maps...

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Well, idk if I will continue working on this project. I have other things to do and, therefore, maybe I won't be working on that for a undetermined time. If you want to port the maps, you can find them in this website: