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Dark Sonic - What if Sonic used the negative energy of the emeralds?

Hey yall, been a while since
I forgot I had this in development so I decided to finish it and post it!

By the way just a little disclaimer, Don't expect anything excellent or above that from here just felt like making it idk why

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goal is to get him to 200 that's where It really starts

yea this felt short, don't expect that many people to like but if you did then thanks! :D

Void reborn and super infinity end from Icezer...

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Now Sonic may accumulate Dark Energy...

Welcome to releases!
Maybe try edit some sprites to make him look mader, but still pretty good
I think this mod would be better if you didn't need the Chaos Emeralds to transform tbh
Wow ! Looks really good especially where dark sonic can fly anywhere MAN I WAS ABLE TO FINISH THE HOLE GFZ IN 15MIN ... Good job somekid if you need help I'm here
One suggestion-- maybe add more expression variety..? over 300 sprites to cover is a lot, but it would go far to make the locomotion of this character so much better, and adding some sort of dash? If you aren't a scripter, I understand, but adding a dash like the Hyper Dash from Sonic 3 and Knuckles would fit him.