3. Blue & Red Sphere Sections

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This rules thread is a pretty important read, as it helps you understand the main differences between SRB2Workshop and SRB2MB.
So be sure that you read everything and understand the rules.

Looking at the section with Addons & More, pay attention to the new categories - Blue Sphere Section & Red Sphere Section.
The location of the addon in certain categories depends on the admin/moderator.

To understand what these categories mean, read the information below.

Blue Sphere Section

Basically, it means that your addon matches the rules that are also in SRB2MB, which means that the addon can be posted on this board as well.​
You can check these rules on SRB2MB itself.

Re-uploading unedited addons from SRB2MB and other sites/forums from other authors is allowed in the Blue Sphere Section if the addon is in risk of being removed (for example, if the author is "cancelled" or the author himself threatens to remove the addon).​
[!!!] However, this may not be accurate for the reason that we are NOT responsible for the rules that are on SRB2MB, and it all depends on the decision of SRB2MB admins.​

Red Sphere Section

This section gives you much more freedom the Blue Sphere Section. If you want to port or use any other content - you don't need to ask Author directly about that, you can use any content that you want.​
However, this section also has own exceptions:​
  1. You STILL need to give credit to original author. Any resource/addon that you used should be credited.
  2. If you make some edit of existing addon - Make sure that edits to the addon were significant and valuable enough for the addon to be published.
  3. Don't try to publish someone else's addon and credit it as your own. Plagiarism is still not welcome here.
Also be on the lookout, the rules of both sections may change or adjustments be added.​
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