1. Base Submissions Guidelines

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When posting in Addons & More, a judge checks your mod, if your mod complies with the rules your mod will be available to everyone. If something is not right, the judge will tell you what needs to be corrected.

The Submissions rules were taken from SRB2 Message Board and they are modified here as Base Mod Submissions Rules.

The rules are subject to both the Blue and Red Sphere Sections.

You can only see your own submissions, and only judges and moderators can see all the submissions. Submissions will remain hidden until they are moved to Addons & More.

Mod Submission Rules
  1. Message board rules apply to all submissions, particularly concerning bigoted or inappropriate content.
    • Example: If your file contains pornographic content, it will be rejected.
  2. File names must conform to Filename Conventions.
    • Example: A file named “myzone.pk3” will not pass, but a file named “SL_myzone_v1.pk3” may pass.
  3. Your submission must contain something that you created yourself. The only exceptions are if you’re submitting something on behalf of someone else with their consent, or you are porting an old addon.
    • Example: Repacks of others’ content with nothing new added will not pass.
  4. Credit and Link any reused content! If your mod uses anything marked as Reusable, you must credit its author and provide a link to it in your mod's description. Even if your own mod is not marked as Reusable, it's important to support Reusable work by crediting it, as this makes it easier for others to reuse it in their own mods.
  5. Custom colors cannot be released solo. A pack of at least 3 is acceptable. Only one custom colors mod per author is allowed.
    • Example: A single color would not make a suitable release, but custom characters can have custom colors and/or include these colors as additional downloads.
  6. Your submission must work at a basic level. Mods that immediately softlock or crash will not be accepted. Kart characters have some additional requirements: all icons (Minimap, Rank, Wanted) must feature clearly visible color changing. Your character does not need full voice lines or SFX, but they must have a gloat sound, which is used for certain powerups.
    • Example: If your addon generates errors or warnings in the console, that’s fine, but it must still work as intended. We are not your beta testers, so we don’t dig for the little details.
  7. Keep personal disputes out of your addons.
    • Example: Your addon may not break other addons on purpose or contain rude messages about other community members.
  8. If your mod is a custom build exe and has netgame support, then it must include a custom MODID to avoid conflicting with vanilla SRB2 netgames on the Master Server.
  9. Do not pack individual PK3s in a .zip file. PK3s are already compressed, so putting them in .zip archives does not compress them any further.
    • Example: If you want to include multiple PK3s together (such as individuals for a character pack), putting them in a .zip file is acceptable.
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