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Heroes Adventure Port - Some unknown levelpack is ported

Yep, this is my first ported levelpack, which is kinda not known for others, and mostly this was an 2.0 levelpack.
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While this levelpack don't seem so interesting, but i'm kinda want to speak about history about it.
This levelpack was originally released on Skybase (which is now abandoned in some parts, and it turned into museum for historical addons), and then it was uploaded into MB, the last version of it was Semi-V4 which is the base of...

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Oooohhhhhhh, so that's where some of the SCUM 3 levels came from! I was like "no wonder why this layout seems familiar to me" when playing this pack.

For these being 2.0 levels, these are really good! Cyan and HAPPYFOX made some pretty solid levels, thanks for porting this over!
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МАКС ГРЕЧКАッ updated Heroes Adventure Port with a new update entry:

Version 1.0.1 - Minor Update

I'm released the minor update of this ported levelpack, mostly i'm would include the list of changes of this version.

- Some fixes in Warped Ravine (it mostly includes the flickering thok barrier, which is above from other thok barriers, and missing textures at end of 1st Act. In Act 2 the tap tubes that dropping the damaging water is now having with Opaque FOF)
- Added support of P_SKIN for SSN Sonic (from GameBanana) which includes the old running animation. (Well sadly, the P_SKIN for...

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