Edgelord Music Pack

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thats right my friends its finally here.

Edgelord Music Pack

Edgelord OST is my very own srb2 mod that tries to make the game's ost sound like a shadow campaign. This mod includes songs from Shadow 05, SA2, Sonic Forces and the rival song from Sonic Generations.
(If you are using this mod, I recommend playing as Shadow, not because playing as any other character will create some glitches, but because is kinda weird ngl. also there isnt any looping at the moment. i do plan on doing so in the future but that will take time

Greenflower Zone Act 1: Westopolis
Greenflower Zone Act 2: Black Comet
Vs Boss: Heavy Dog (Shadow 05)

Techno Hill Zone Act 1: Radical Highway
Techno Hill Zone Act 2: Lethal Highway
Deep Sea Zone Act 1: Death Ruins
Deep Sea Zone Act 2: Central City
Castle Eggman Zone Act 1: Prison Island
oh no!1! the bridge is collapsing!!!11!: White Jungle (Sonic Forces)
Castle Eggman Zone Act 2: Cryptic Castle
Arid Canyon Zone Act 1: Glyphic Canyon
Arid Canyon Zone Act 2: Sky Rail
Vs Fang: Shut up Faker! (SA2)
Red Volcano Zone Act 1: Red Hot Skull... For Red Mountain (placeholder)
[UNUSED IN SRB2] Red Volcano Zone Act 2 (the song is in the game files but at the moment it is unused): Flame Core - The Cavern
Egg Rock Zone Act 1: The ARK
Egg Rock Zone Act 1: Final Rush
Black Core Zone Act 1: For True Story (Sonic Generations)
Vs Metal Sonic: For True Story (SA2)
Black Core Zone Act 2 (Anticipation): [will be replaced with Event: Sonic Vs Shadow soon]
Vs Brak Eggman, Credits and Hyper Form (XMomentum only): I Am... All Of Me
Speed Shoes: Chaos Control
Invincibility: Chaos Control (Slow version)
Super Form: All Hail Shadow (06)

To do list:
  • Replace RVZ1 with Lava Shelter
  • Do the special stages
  • Do the bonus stage
Have fun with my first ever mod!
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