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    After so long i have decided to finally properly balance out Jason, after that huge ass nerf i...
  2. General Thoughts about this.

    Since im probably not gonna touch Jason for a very long time again, leaving him as it is (unless...
  3. Bad News.

    Jason will now only have vanilla abilities, combined with a bit of my short knowledge of SOC...

Latest reviews

  • Sls64LGamingBro
  • 2.00 star(s)
As of writing this, I've seen most people, who review this on the SRB2 Message Board's website. Didn't give as much feedback as possible, nor constructive criticism, but it's true to them. So I'm going to do that.



The Sprites seem to be wonky, but okay. At the same time, it needs more work. As these sprites look kind of off, but strange too. Maybe try to do SRB2 Style. But since you're kind of a beginner. I suggest taking some art tutorials, as those give people more ways to paint and brush there sprites, great.


Since the ability chose is interesting, the abilities are from some people in the SRB2 community, and you've used there scripts instead of making some lua scripts yourself. Which you could've done that, by learning Lua itself. But SRB2 uses BLua, which it's closer to C (possibly). Still, using content for you're mods without making you're original content (as in, you're own lua script) is legit the wrong thing to do.


You should've take you're time (atleast), and think of what you're doing. As clearly, this project could've look interesting and it is a good concept, it's just that you need to atleast think of what you're doing, and atleast learn something by searching up stuff, and other things you would search up. Still, I think you tried you're best. It's just that you could've taken much more time on you're project. Anyway. I'll just give it a 2 star. Atleast for the sprite effort.
  • tails+1992
  • 5.00 star(s)
Hey so you on game and then I said something man I deleted your comments so for I apology I'm going to download this going to my pizza time server I'm sorry
No worries, i hold no grudges to nobody, unless you were extremely toxic, and a bully from the worst kind, and trust me, i've met people just like that, and you do NOT want to cross in their paths.

You only did but a small dumb mistake only, or the equal of that at least.
  • LinkThePale
  • 5.00 star(s)
No way it's Jason from Gammabarn! He's now real cool, 10/10
Muffin Kid from Brazil
  • Muffin Kid from Brazil
  • 4.00 star(s)
It is good
But my only complains are the sprites
Well thats how i draw, im sorry if you didnt liked them man. I aint an expert, and the sprites are the only thing is mine, so if you take them away, theres nothing of mine there